Sunday, September 21, 2008


Something new hits the blogosphere! I've been nominated by Mommy C over at QUIRKY CHILDRENS LIT to receive the Brilliante Weblog Promo Award. Thank you, Mommy C, and especially for the kind words you said about my blog. I'll put the rules at the end, but here are the blogs I check every day when I'm first up with the second cup of coffee:

TONI ANDERSON, a "Dangerously Romantic" suspense author, who I'm looking forward to interviewing this fall when her new book HER SANCTUARY becomes available.

TED DEKKER, one of the best suspense writers in the past few decades - jmho, of course, but check out his website and trailers. He's a cutting edge writer!

LEE LOFLAND, whose police and crime site has more writer resources for the police procedural/suspense/thriller than anything I've found on the Web so far. His book is wonderful and a must-have if you're writing in the crime field.

My two favourite agent blogs that I check every day:

RANTS AND RAMBLINGS OF A LITERARY AGENT - Rachelle Gardner is an agent with Wordserve Literary Agency. She doesn't represent exactly what I write, but her blog is full of topical information, reader contests, and personal experience. She's a lovely lady with a helpful attitude if you write her in the comments section.

PUB RANTS - Kristin Nelson of Nelson Literary Agency. She's mentioned as a nominee elsewhere, but her sharp, witty, style make her a must-read. I love the fact she shows who she is behind her job, and keeps us apprised of what's playing on her iPod at all times!

My favourite writer resource site that I check every day:

WHERE THE MAP ENDS - while this is a site primarily aimed at sci-fi, fantasy, speculative fiction writers (and there's nothing wrong with that!) Jeff Gerke provides resources on what publishers look for, how to polish up for submission, where to find story/character/setting generators, and a weekly piece on editorial articles designed to make you take another look at your manuscript. Read these - you'll learn more than in any craft course. Jeff Gerke's been an acquisition editor for about twelve years, and he knows whereof he speaks.

Here's the rules:

1. The Award may be displayed on a winners blog.
2. Add a link to the person who you received the Award from so anyone can backtrack.
3. Nominate up to seven other blogs - sorry, I stuck with my *every day* blogs!
4. Add their links to your blog post.
5. Add a message in the comments section of each winners' blog that you've passed on the Award to them.

I hope you all enjoy these "daily reads" of mine. They're great people and love writing!

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Toni Anderson said...

Laurie, that is very kind of you :) Especially given my broken promise to take you for coffee. However I expect you'd rather not run the risk of catching my cold!! Thank you for the nomination. I will do mine just as soon as I have a chance today. Kids are off and I have an extra kiddy over too. All fun and excitement in my world.