Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This is our second submission for our Giveaways, and I appreciate this ladys' honesty. Even reading a page or two a day can help with depression. I hope you are able to cope with life soon! You've won Kathy Reichs book CROSS BONES,a story about Temperance Brennan's visit to the Middle East to work on a site which may contain ossuaries of the family of Jesus. Congratulations, and I'll be in touch to get your snail mail addy.

"I read book reviews because I am a avid reader and it's important to me to try and pick the very best books I can, to keep me reading. Reading is therapy to me since suffering from severe depression and I don't ever want to get frustrated in my reading. That's why I go on these book blogs to see what books are coming out and what people are saying about them. I have found so many wonderful books this way and it has enhanced the way I buy books. I am almost always happy with the books I've purchased from reading book reviews."

To everyone else, make sure you take time today to check on the ongoing Giveaways and goodies offered at the link I posted yesterday!

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