Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Already MIA in the New Year...

I've discovered that just when you figure your life is nearly over because your Muse isn't visiting, everyone else is getting published besides you, etc. etc. - all the
"poor me" topics I blogged about pre-2008....something will happen that REALLY knocks you for a loop and makes all those irritating things like the above (and car whiplash, job hours, etc.) fall into their proper perspective.

Basically, who cares? Haven't come up with a story idea in 6 months? Who cares? Friends passing you on the publishing highway at the speed of light? Wish them well.

Because, there's always, always something worse that can happen to you. And, if you were whining as much as I was, it'll usually happen sooner than later.

I fell two weeks ago, and broke my humeral ball (the part we all call the shoulder "ball") - I flaked 3 big pieces off it, and broke the bone right under it clean in two. I'm now held together with a 6 inch metal plate and 9 bolts.

I got my staples out today and am looking at lots of fun and painful physio. However, not having made any New Years Resolutions before, I make one now: I WILL NEVER WHINE ABOUT STUPID THINGS I CAN'T CONTROL, NOT HAVING STORY IDEAS, OR WORRYING ABOUT FRIENDS WHO'RE PUBLISHED, EVER AGAIN.

There! You've got it in writing! Other than the current strain it's placing on my family, this could be one of the best things that's every happened to me. Sure gets your head back in the game. I may not be around here as frequently, but hopefully I'll have more interesting, pity, and funny, things to say about life.

Oh, and one piece of advice? Watch out for wet wood decks on cold days!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


We had the surprise of our lives December 22nd - we had one hour to pack and catch a military flight back to Trenton Air Base, Ontario, in order to get home for Christmas. We threw presents, toothbrushes, and clothes into duffle bags and raced to the airport. Luckily, our kids were wonderful travelers on their first plane trip. No crying or barfing made my life a lot easier, especially when we didn't get in to our barracks suite till 5 a.m. and had been up all night.

It was a real pleasure to shock all of our parents and siblings by showing up. This Christmas was one of those rare times when there was no family friction and everything went off smoothly. Even though I went in to the trip exhausted, the adrenaline of being "home" after two years made up for it.

I read a lot of books during Christmas week. Various genres, a literary book, and a couple of quick reads through some inspirational non-fiction. It made me relax about my own writing and I've decided to look at some things differently, and try out a few new things. We'll see what happens. It was one of those serendipitous times when I was able to "settle" away from our constant rush here, and actually think about some of the things I want to do. And not do!

I'm making some positive resolution statements to start off 2008:

1) I'm NOT losing weight - I'm "conquering" my daughter's new Dance Evolution to work on my cardio.

2) I'm NOT outlining stories/novels - I'm "writing outside the lines".

3) I'm NOT going to worry about writing within certain genres or even for the "market" - I'm going to write for myself.

4) I'm NOT going to sweat whether I snag an agent or get published this year - I'm going to enjoy the process of writing.

5) I'm NOT going to tell myself I have no time for my hobbies - I'm going "to play" with all of them and not feel guilty.

Five new affirmations is plenty. 2008 will be a big milestone year for myself and my family in many, many ways. I don't want to waste a minute of it, and I hope you'll still tune in once in awhile to keep me accountable and check on my progress.

Somewhere in the midst of working, housework, kids, pets, writing, and keeping a marriage on the front burner, I'm planning on grabbing more of those spontaneous, serendipitous moments and "go for it".

I wish you all the best of the New Year, and much success in 2008! May we all experience the best life has to offer. Cheers!