Monday, July 13, 2009


I realize how hard it is to re-start a conversation with readers and other writers when you've been gone as long as I have - November 2008! However, I've streamlined this blog and hope to reconnect with those of you who graciously followed me by email while I was recovering from my shoulder accident.

This summer I've missed THRILLERFEST and am now missing RWA's Nationals in Washington, DC. Prior to this year, attending these conferences seemed to be so far away I had them listed under my "Five Year Goals"! Well, no more! They're under "One Year Goals" now and I'm hard at work on two new manuscripts.

The links to the right all work and all have much to offer those of us who shovel ourselves deep in to a pit when the Muse isn't cooperating. Just reading a few posts from some of these agents and authors can brighten your day.

My name is opposite, but I'll be writing under a pen name - Milena Edwards. My writing will always be "writing on the edge" because that just seems to be the kind of writing I do - edgy, sometimes dark, full of second chances, sacrifice and redemption. I'm excited about my new projects, and I'm excited to be back and sharing with you.

If you've dropped by, please leave a comment and tell me how you're doing with your own writing, career, or just life in general. And look for me on Facebook under my real name - Laurie Wood. I'd love to "friend" you!