Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Already MIA in the New Year...

I've discovered that just when you figure your life is nearly over because your Muse isn't visiting, everyone else is getting published besides you, etc. etc. - all the
"poor me" topics I blogged about pre-2008....something will happen that REALLY knocks you for a loop and makes all those irritating things like the above (and car whiplash, job hours, etc.) fall into their proper perspective.

Basically, who cares? Haven't come up with a story idea in 6 months? Who cares? Friends passing you on the publishing highway at the speed of light? Wish them well.

Because, there's always, always something worse that can happen to you. And, if you were whining as much as I was, it'll usually happen sooner than later.

I fell two weeks ago, and broke my humeral ball (the part we all call the shoulder "ball") - I flaked 3 big pieces off it, and broke the bone right under it clean in two. I'm now held together with a 6 inch metal plate and 9 bolts.

I got my staples out today and am looking at lots of fun and painful physio. However, not having made any New Years Resolutions before, I make one now: I WILL NEVER WHINE ABOUT STUPID THINGS I CAN'T CONTROL, NOT HAVING STORY IDEAS, OR WORRYING ABOUT FRIENDS WHO'RE PUBLISHED, EVER AGAIN.

There! You've got it in writing! Other than the current strain it's placing on my family, this could be one of the best things that's every happened to me. Sure gets your head back in the game. I may not be around here as frequently, but hopefully I'll have more interesting, pity, and funny, things to say about life.

Oh, and one piece of advice? Watch out for wet wood decks on cold days!


Kerry Blaisdell said...

Ouch! Poor you! I slipped and fell down all eight of our wooden front steps in mid-January. Went boom-boom-boom on my tailbone down each one. Fortunately, I only got minor bruising. But of course, I'd just been yelling at my kids to hurry up — really yelling, not just griping. And then I felt miserably awful for getting mad at them, and eternally thankful it was me who fell, instead of one of them.

So, perspective is good. LOL! 16.25 days until the auction is over and I, in theory, get my life back. Tick-tick-tick-tick-tick.... *:?)

Hope you feel better soon!

Meg said...

You posted on my blog yesterday so I zoomed over here to offer the same validation and support of your creative 'vacation' (trying to put a positive spin on it). So sorry to hear about your accident and hope that by now you are healing and on your way to recovering all the movement and rediscovering your literary inspiration. Someones used the analogy that not writing would be like losing an arm- I guess, unfortunately, this has been a literal interpretation for you! I'll have to check back time and again with you to see if you have any hints with writing and maybe we can both get back to it sooner than later. I wish you luck and positive energy for healing.