Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Good morning, all! I hope you're finding your way around My Friend Amys Blog, which I posted on Day One, and having fun checking out all the participating bloggers.

Here's what Christine had to say about why she reads book reviews:

"A hundred words! Boy howdy.

I read book reviews because I read books -- and thus I like to keep abreast of what's happening in the book world. Did I miss a new release by a favourite author? That book I've had my eye on in the shop -- is it wonderful or terrible? I read reviews because I love the conversations they can open up about people's favourite (or un-favourite) books.

I also read reviews because I write them as well, and I like to compare myself with others whose words I read (in a gentle way, of course)."

Congratulations, Christine, you've won a copy of ALL SHOOK UP, by Mike Harrison. It's the first "Eddie Dancer" PI novel and I reviewed it last year. I *loved* it! Here's the back blurb:

"ALL SHOOK UP is a fast-paced, hard-edged, energetic page-turner featuring Eddie Dancer - Canada's newest and toughest private eye. Two years as a city cop have convinced Eddie- the kind of guy who might have learned his craft with Robert B. Parker's Spenser, Robert Crais' Elvis Cole, or Lawrence Sanders Archy McNally - he's better off working for himself. When he's hired to track down a tough, professional bank robber, Eddie has no idea he's about to pry the lid off a very nasty can of worms - worms who will stop at nothing to put him in the ground. Running up against a pair of disgraced ex-bikers, he uncovers a macabre connection between them and the "fate worse than death" that has befallen many of the city's hookers. The unexplained attacks leave the women, irreversibly, in a vegetative state - evidence of a conspiracy that stretches from the back streets and tattoo parlors to the very top of the prison system food chain. Can Dancer's closest friend, Danny Many Guns, save him from the "fate worse than death"? Or will the bad guys finally get their revenge and leave Eddie All Shook Up?

This is a trade paperback published by ECW Press in Toronto, Canada. I loved it, and I'll be giving away another Eddie Dancer book tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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