Friday, September 12, 2008


Thank you to those who've left comments for my BOOK GIVEAWAY CONTEST that starts Monday, Sept.15th. You still have till midnight to answer the question "I read book reviews because...".

I'll also be posting a list of the winners in each Blogging Category next week, as well as some of the great Blogs you can visit during the week to round out your personal Blogosphere. I've met lots of wonderful women working up to next week's celebration.

If you haven't yet picked up WRITER'S DIGEST, or THE WRITER for September, I urge you to run out to your favourite book store and grab some copies. Debbie Macomber has an article in WRITER'S DIGEST entitled "How To Spot Trends". There's an interview with Tess Gerritsen in THE WRITER called "Building On The First Draft". There's something to be said for adding some general inspiration to your writing craft reading!

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