Sunday, January 07, 2007


It wasn't my intention to be nearly a month away from my Blog. The holidays and family illness played the Devil's breath with that obligation. One child in the hospital over the New Year's weekend certainly didn't ring in the holiday very well for dh and I. However, it was only the second New Year's in 18 yrs that we've been apart, so we can't complain.

As I've been ruminating on the past year and setting goals for 2007 this week, I thought of my life as the plot of my current WIP. Maybe this idea appeals to you too: if you're on a Quest, how're you doing on your Hero's Journey? Have you found your Mentor yet? (I wish I could find mine!) Have you been refusing the Call that keeps sighing your name through the nattering of everyday busy-ness and stress? Do you have more than one Antagonist coming down the railroad tracks at you? Any Stalkers in your life? Have there been more twists and turns in 2006 than you care to think about, because you were so overwhelmed that you knew you were doing a lousy job compared to your hero/ine???

How about that hero/ine, anyway? Do you wish you had half his/her spunk, intelligence, good looks, energy, or bravery? Living through crisis after crisis is not really like reading a Readers Digest story for most of us, although we'd all like to be heroic and noble; caring, and generous, the kind of person everyone looks up to and praises in the village streets. Maybe 2006 took alot out of you, and you need to write out some of those twists and turns to realize that the "outline" of your own "personal plot" had alot going on. You need to unravel those twists and find out how you can heal yourself and give yourself some time to calm down and regroup!

How about the sub-plots in your life? Ailing parents? Sick kids with ongoing health concerns? Marital/financial troubles? A romance that may need to finally come to an end so you can move on and grow? Some negative Nellies who need to be dumped so that you can concentrate on writing what YOU want to write? Those sub-plots may relate to the main plot of your life, but include them in your "time share goals" for 2007 and they won't surprise you when you least expect it.

Did you have any Black Moments, or even one, in 2006? Experience that revelation, resolution yet? Don't give up hope! If you can think up enough characteristics to get your hero/ine out of a jam with problem-solving techniques, you'll be able to put pen to paper and eventually realize a way out of whatever catastrophe 2006 threw at you. Nothing lasts forever - even the bad stuff.

May 2007 be a fresh unraveling of the leftovers of 2006 - and may you plot out the way you truly want your life to go, in all areas, not just your writing! I wish you all the best in this New Year and promise not to be away from my keyboard so long - I've been busy plotting out my own 2007. :)


Toni Anderson said...

Sorry your child was ill. That's sad. Good luck with those goals for 2007. Oh my. Goals are great--gotta love Margie for instilling that in us!!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Sorry to hear about the hectic holidays and illness. My nephew's been in the hospital this weekend. It's very stressful on parents when their child is ill.

Wishing you all the best for 2007.