Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Great TV and a Few Great Posts

Who saw the Opener of 24 on Sunday the 14th and Monday the 14th? The sixth season promises to be the best yet, as it's timely and more believeable. Jack Bauer has already been pushed to his limits and yet come out swinging with motivation. We invited friends over who'd never seen or heard of it, and now we've decided that we'll have a Monday p.m. dinner/TV night throughout the winter because we got them hooked in the four hours. :)

If you watch it critically, it's a writer's class in building tension, suspense, character arcs, motivation, pacing, subplots, plotting, and the hero's journey. My dh's friend's wife's degree is in theatre and she writes one-woman plays - she's hooked on the writing aspect too. I enjoy that she enjoys it from that perspective and we whisper in the corner and compare notes. If you haven't tried this show out before, they recap at every beginning, so give it a try. See what techniques the writers use that you can steal. Honestly, it's a free craft class plus Keifer isn't hard on the eyes for all you female romantic suspense writers out there. Neither is the new lady running CTU, for our male counterparts. IF that kind of thing appeals to you, and you're not just into blowing things up for the sake of blowing things up!

I can't get my hyperlink to work properly today - argh!So you'll have to use my links at the left. Sandra Ruttan has an excellent post today on what authors post on their public blogs, and cyber stalkers. There's more to it than that, but it's interesting and gives you food for thought. I highly recommend it.

Check out Jason Pinter's link too. I read him every day also, and congratulate him for the debut of his first book THE MARK, coming this month from MIRA. Read all about it in his last three posts. Good luck, Jason!

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