Sunday, January 28, 2007


I've been reading some agent blogs and apparently this is the new "genre" editors are dying to see and can't get enough of. I haven't come across any of the authors that were listed as favourites, proving that I'm too sheltered in my world of suspense and romantic suspense, so I branched out and checked Laurel K. Hamilton, Lilith Saintcrow, and Chris Marie Green, aka Crystal Green, for all you Harlequin readers. (And yes, Lilith is really her name!)

I had no idea that there were BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER books out there for adults. Serious worlds of vampires, werewolves, and demons giving battle to heroines with noble blood running through their veins, but normal day jobs and every day problems like finding their missing fathers, fixing up their sister's dates, etc.

The world-building is truly remarkable, as every author is doing her own thing and trying desperately not to copy anyone else. I'd thought vampires were a thing of the past, but apparently not. The mythology of the virgin priestess being sacrificed/fighting off demons are the basis for these books. It's the ultimate fantasy of a heroine taking on evil with weapons, martial arts, mental skill, and black leather, and coming out on top.

As though, if a woman can't make it in the "real world", she can make it in this dark underworld of unspeakable danger, monsters, and incredible black horror. This is her calling, her challenge, her raison d'etre.

That's my take on these author's book excerpts from their websites. Well-done websites, gripping chapters, wonderful series that readers will no doubt be hanging on by their fingernails to buy. The kind of horror story that Stephen King would never be able to write because he couldn't possibly be able to tap into this kind of female fantasy. Check them out. If you loved BUFFY ten years ago, and her dark lover ANGEL, you'll love these.

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