Wednesday, January 10, 2007


The front polar bear in this picture looked like I did this a.m. after I got home from the gym. Completely laid out and "fashed" as my gramma used to say. One thing about Hands-on-the-keyboard-Butt-in-the-Chair writing is that your Butt tends to get alot bigger then you want it too. Working your gluts on the elliptical machine beside girls who weigh about 110 lbs. is just plain depressing. The last time I was 110 lbs. I was in high school and the school nurse was sending home notes for my mother to put me on this powder called "Wate On" that you added to milk. I was 13 yrs. old and 5'8" tall.

Back to my lovely polar bears. I read that President Bush, as if he doesn't have enough on his hands with a Democratic Congress, trying to pull out of Iraq, and his dog running around the White House taking pictures of everyone - has decided to SAVE our Canadian Polar Bears. Or, as he calls them THE Polar Bears. Aha.

Save the Polar Bears because he thinks they're HIS Polar Bears. Like everything else in the world. (okay, he did a good job on that island off the coast of Somalia, but we're talking terrorists, not conservation)

Hello, George Dubya! (I get to call you that, coz you called my Prime Minister "Steve") The Polar Bears live in Canada, on Canadian ice, in Canadian waters, so guess what? They belong to us! Just like the seals, the whales, the fish, and the rest of the ecosystem up there. I know "Steve" hasn't done a fabulous job with the environment so far, except to prove that the Liberals were liars with the Kyoto Accord and that Canada couldn't possibly meet the targets the Liberals promised we would meet. But I'm sure he has a plan in his pocket, he always does.

One thing that's high on his list is Canada's Arctic sovereignty. And if we're going to protect our Arctic from international incursions of any kind, you can bet we'll be protecting our polar bears too. So if you and the First Lady want to see any - you know, if you ever bother to make a State Visit up here before you leave office - "Steve" will be happy to take you both up to Churchill, Manitoba where you can see Polar Bears frolicking beside your snowboggan tour vehicle. You can take all the pictures you want! But that's all you can take.

And hey, thanks for finally getting it right and knocking al-Quaeda out of Somalia. Your allies appreciate it. :) Now, if we can just keep Iran under control - really George, you've got more to worry about than our Polar Bears.

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