Thursday, March 15, 2007


My good friend, Kerry Blaisdell, as challenged me to use MS WordAutoSummarize on my recent WIP to see how it picks out "themes" or "key words". I think she just wants to see what my Prologue is about, because it's entered in the First Line Contest!

If you click on her link at the right, you'll see that her examples are funny and you might want to try it with your WIP, to see if you've got too many of the same words, names, or if the WIP does indeed mirror your theme properly.

Sorry, Kerry, I won't post my ten sentences from the Prologue, because it tells too much about what the book is about, and I don't want any copycats! :) I've already made that mistake once on this Blog.

But for anyone else out there, it's a useful exercise and certainly would help in re-editing for clarity!

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