Sunday, March 11, 2007


On Friday, March 9th, I took a short seminar on finding your "True Color" for your personality. It also covered the kind of work you should be doing (turns out being a writer is "true" to my basic color of BLUE), and how to determine the Color Combinations of your spouse and children to better your relationships.

I discovered that I'm primarily BLUE - people-oriented, empathic, creative, sensitive, a communicator/speaker/writer (I've done all three), with a second band of GREEN - intellectual, loves problem-solving, researching, abstract thinking, with a third band of ORANGE - competitive, impetuous, action-oriented, risk-taker, ending with a "thin band" of GOLD - values orderliness and organization, perfectionist, loves to have BETTER HOME & GARDENS type of house (anybody who knows me knows we live clean and comfortable, but *not* in a model home!)

It was very interesting because the facilitator said that your BASIC color never changes, and yet when I took the test in my 20's I was ORANGE. That was during my life as a cop, and I can tell you that cops break into ORANGE or GOLD.

For a better explanation of what this all means; take a free True Colors test for yourself at TRUE COLORS CAREERS.

My dh is ORANGE, GREEN/GOLD (you can have ties), and BLUE at the bottom. I think they should have True Colors as part of pre-marital counselling, but we've managed to stay together for 19 yrs this month - opposites though we are! :) My dh is ORANGE in that he's always attracted to fast-paced, outdoor, "on the pointy edge" as he calls it - jobs. He loves his motorcycle, his cars, his sailboat when he had it, and flying. And when I met him I was a cop so I guess our ORANGES meshed.

That website is very interesting in how to know if you're in the right career for yourself. Maybe writing is a secondary interest, maybe you'll want to show your dh if he's job-hunting.

I certainly enjoyed seeing the validation of myself as a writer, but also in other areas I had been struggling in. I hope you enjoy taking the free personality quizz and it helps someone.

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