Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Just to let you know that I do something besides post that I've now placed again in the 11th Round of the First Line Contest, I've been away for the last five days visiting family in Winnipeg.

I've been enjoying BEFORE I WAKE, by Dee Henderson. This is definitely her best book yet, and I've read alot of them (although I admit I missed her Untamed Heroe series, and only read one of those). Tight writing, faster pace, better characterization...I could go on and on. But I won't...treat yourself to a great romantic suspense between an ex-FBI agent-turned PI & crime scene clean-up operator, and her decision between an old flame and the local Sheriff. The main premise: who's killing women at the same hotel - women who appear to die in their sleep?

It's just the kind of "inspirational" I aspire to - real life characters written in a straight-forward and "mass-market" style, but with the added dimension of some of the characters seeing life from a Christian worldview.

My mini-holiday was a good respite from the editing/rewriting of my WIP. I've returned with a fresh perspective, and desire to get it polished up, and out of here. The best thing is, I've got fresh ideas brewing for my next MS, and possibly the next after that one. I hope to blog about some "real" topics over the next few weeks.

Just when you feel like quitting, along comes a great book like BEFORE I WAKE. Thanks, Dee, for showing me that a new take on an old plot can be just the thing to make you realize you're doing things right after all!

I heartily endorse this book - buy it online or look in your favourite Borders or Barnes & Noble. You'll be glad Dee's back!


Toni Anderson said...

Sorry I missed you--I was in and out with the kids and they were sicke etc. Crazy time. I'll give you a ring soon.

That looks like a great read, and exciting to be fired up! Good stuff :)

Winter said...

My mom gave this to me as a Christmas gift and I have yet to read it, I've got a huge pile of TBR's.

I usually get a feel of the books before I read them and I love this one. Dee has certinaly picked up in her writing. I have all of the Uncommon Heroes and noticed a huge difference between them and Before I Wake.

Keep up on the revisions, they're a pain in the butt, but when you see what a difference they make in a MS it's well worth it.