Sunday, March 18, 2007


St. Patrick's Day is my birthday (no, I'm not saying how old I am, only that I think like I'm 27 and can't believe time has blown by so fast!) I'm late blogging and wishing all fellow Irisher's a Happy St. Patrick's Day because I was too busy celebrating with my family this weekend.

When I was born in a Catholic hospital, of course, the nurses (who worked with my Mom) wanted me to be called Patricia. As my last name was PITT, I'm thankful that my parents came to their senses and named me Laurie-Jean instead. :) Not that I don't like the name, but Patty Pitt would've made me grow up as a school yard brawler, I'm sure.

Hope you all had green beer, green jelly beans, and some shamrocks show up at your door in Saturday! And may the luck of the Irish keep us all writing well this year - on to sales, agents, and brighter things. :)

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