Sunday, August 24, 2008


For those of you who love speculative fiction, and have languished in the Christian wasteland of prairie romances, women's issues, and stultifying family stories, take heart! There's a new guy in town by the name of JEFF GERKE, and his new publishing company named MARCHER LORD PRESS is launching October 1/08 with three fabulous titles - two from previously published authors, and one a debut author.

Here is a paraphrased description of what MARCHER LORD PRESS is looking for in submissions:

"We specialize in Christian fantasy, science fiction, time travel, supernatural thrillers, spiritual warfare, near-future techno-thrillers, alternate history, chillers, and superhero fiction."

JEFF GERKE has spent twelve years working in Christian publishing, as an acquisitions editor at Multnomah, NavPress, and Strang/Realms. He's also the author of six near-future techno-thrillers himself, and you can check them out at, his author site.

The difference between MARCHER LORD PRESS and the "big" Christian publishers, is that a) you don't need an agent, b) all distribution and promotion will be through the Internet, and c) your royalties will be quadruple what you'd receive from an established print Christian publisher. There are a few caveats, however, but check them out on the site. I will note that while MLP is a print on demand publisher, it is NOT a vanity press or self-publishing entity, and you will never pay for any part of your book's publishing, cover art work, or set up fees.

MLP is having a GRAND PRIZE drawing on October 1st, along with dozens of other select prizes you won't want to miss. The GRAND PRIZE is a trip for two to the 2009 ComicsCON in San Diego. Talk about getting a leg up on your contacts, inspiration, and just plain enjoyment.

I was thrilled to find MLP's sister site: The resources on this site (also run by Jeff Gerke) are amazing and I bookmarked many of them for my current WIP. Those of you who write in this field, even without a Christian worldview, will find these resources invaluable. Where else can you find Author Interviews, Booklists, Tools for Writers, Fantastic Visions, Special Features, Forums, a Store, and a monthly newsletter, just for writers of speculative fiction?

I am not an employee, freelance editor, or contracted author of MARCHER LORD PRESS. I'm just hyped about the new opportunity this publisher represents to those of us who love books by Randy Alcorn, Ted Dekker, Sharon Hinck, and many, many others who give us quality fiction in a new way.

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