Tuesday, April 15, 2008


A friend sent me this spring picture of a marmot to cheer me up. I have no knowledge of marmot's, but this guy's cute so I thought I'd share with you!

Spring has finally come to Winnipeg - or WINTERPEG, as we locals call it. The grass is drying up and I can now take Tessa, my golden retriever, out back to the dog park. It's nice that it's right behind my house, because I still can't drive a car. I can't lift my arm out front more than to my waist, on a 45 degree angle out from my waist to the side, and forget about putting it behind my "behind".

My surgeon gave me the stunning news that I need a complete shoulder replacement - just like the hip and knee replacements you think of when you see senior citizens crawling along the mall with their walkers. I was so stunned, it took me four days to be able to share with my husband. The thought of going through another surgery, not being able to dress myself, feed myself, etc. was catastrophic. But, I'm over it now. It beats an amputation!

So, that's why my friend sent the marmot picture. It has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with anything. And isn't that the beauty of sharing with friends? I'm lucky to have quite a few of them. I hope spring has sprung, wherever you live!

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Fiberjoy said...

Hi Laurie,

I dropped over from spindlers. Did you have the shoulder replacement yet?

It's amazing that you're able to spin, which makes me think you've had the surgery and are on the mend. Perhaps having that surgery and a new shoulder joint is far less painful than chipped and broken bones, a plate and screws - which sounds horribly painful.