Thursday, March 27, 2008


Today was the first day I ventured outside to walk my dog in the snow that continues to stick around like an unwanted relative at a garden party. Other than going out to physio for my shoulder, and church on Sunday, I've been avoiding the ice and snow in fear of falling again and having no one near to get me up - or worse, breaking the rest of my right arm!

It's perfectly sunny but still cold enough that the blasted snow isn't melting. Last year at this time when we came house-hunting before we moved over from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, the yards were green and saturated with water; the sidewalks full of melted water and mud. I was glad to see that the basement of our proposed house was nice and dry, considering the deep water outside. It seems we'll have to wait longer this year for the snow to disappear. All the more time for my golden retriever, Tessa, to wallow in her snowbaths!

The picture up top is the famous "Golden Boy" on top of Manitoba's Legislature building in downtown Winnipeg. It was the brightest spring picture I could find, seeing as our parks and zoo are still under snow. I can't believe I'm trying to book summer camps for my kids!

Work called today - wondering when I'd be coming back, and offering me a "modified duty" position. Trouble is, I can't drive yet. I can't even feed myself with my right hand, although I can get the hand up to the vicinity of my mouth. I'd love to stand around, smiling at people, but I'm frustrated at not being able to jump in the car whenever I want, and depend on others to take me places. It's like being a senior citizen!

Which brings me to my mid-life crisis...I wasn't having one till I had this accident and have been sitting around for 8 wks on Tylenol 3's with ice packs on my shoulder and arm. A swollen arm, at that. I guess I've been too busy working and taking care of the kids, to notice that my life is half over and I need to find something else to do with it besides wait for the kids to get off the bus. I know this isn't a new phenomenom, and doesn't even warrant a blog post, but have other writers gotten a mid-life crisis?

Ever been so discouraged with your writing and not breaking through, that you can't go on? Ever been so stressed by life and your marriage and everything else in your world that the words just won't hit the page (or computer screen)?? Ever thought that making beaded jewellery was the best thing you could do with your life? :)

Come on, there's got to be somebody out there who's been through the desert in their writing life. Any words of wisdom, laughter, or stories of victory over the dreaded WRITER BLOCK or I CAN'T WRITE WORTH BEANS scenario, are greatly appreciated!

P.S. What, if anything, are you doing for EARTH DAY this Saturday? Are you in a safe enough neighborhood to turn off all your lights? I plan on lighting scads of candles and turning off the %#@$%% Playstation 3 and 2 for an hour. Hubby & kids just don't know it yet. :)


Kerry Blaisdell said...

Beaded jewelry? YIKES — sounds serious. *:?) To answer your question, yes. I have had so much stress in life, marriage, family, work (or not work), school, auction, and so much self-doubt in the writerly universe, that I've definitely experienced a 38% Life Crisis (I plan on living to be 100, so I'm not mid-life quite yet *;?)).

I can tell you there are ups and downs, and the only way to ensure failure is to give up on trying. That's a platitude, and may not help you feel better, but it's true.

The reality is that this is a tough, sucky business. But the other reality is that so many people give up on it, that anyone who hangs in long enough and keeps working on improving will get published eventually. Don't give up!! Spring will come...

Toni Anderson said...

It's been a slow spring... SSSSLllllloooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww


Hopefully I'll get out to visit this week.

Writing is hard. :/ I don't know what else to say.