Monday, April 21, 2008

Finally Got The Pictures Up!

Here's a couple of my spindles to show you what I was talking about in my last few posts. The two with the pink fiber on them have 50/50 silk and merino wool on them. The one on the left is made of maple and is store bought. The one on the right is made of Walnut and is also store bought.

The other spindles were made by my dad out of exotic woods. The top picture is a bobbin on my Lendrum spinning wheel of plain grey wool which has a long outer hair in dark grey.

I was using my maple spindle Saturday p.m. watching the hockey game, which Boston won by a nose. :) Our company was routing for Montreal so were very disappointed. Anyway, just wanted to share what a spindle looks like in this day and age. I hope some of you check out those websites I mentioned. It truly is a relaxing hobby!

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Kerry Blaisdell said...

Nifty! I always wanted to learn how to spin. Sorry to hear about your physical woes -- hope it all settles down soon!