Monday, July 09, 2007


Canadian justice has come into it's own at last. Today a court convicted a 13yr old girl on three counts of first-degree murder. And boy, did she have this coming to her. She's the youngest person ever to be convicted in Canada of such a heinous crime.

For those of you who don't read online or get Canadian papers, let me just say that this little psychopath cooked up a plot to murder her parents and eight year old brother with her then 23 year old boyfriend. They sent emails and love letters back and forth figuring out how to do it - she was upset because she was being grounded all the time, and she "hated" them. She even drew a picture of the three members of her family being burned alive, which was admitted into evidence.

The maximum this chickie'll get is 10 years, with only 6 yrs to be served in a maximum jail setting. Luckily, they didn't buy her meek, whispery voice, or the defense that she was caught up in a sexual/co-dependent relationship with an "older man".

Right after the murders, she took her mom's ATM card out of her purse, called a cab, and went to a friend's house. She partied with her now cleaned up boyfriend (he did much of the stabbing and killing - she held her eight year old brother down in a choke hold just to help her boyfriend along.) She even copped to stabbing him once in the chest, but the killing wound was a throat slash that severed his jugular, and larynx. Eight years old, and she testified that he was pleading with her to save him.

Karla Homolka has nothing on this kid - at least Karla was 19 or so before she offered up her drugged little sister to her then-boyfriend, Paul Bernardo, as a "virgin offering".

What can possibly explain this kind of psychopathic behaviour in a 13 yr old girl?

Evil. Pure, unadulterated evil. We don't like to talk about it, we like to sugar-coat things and put psychological labels on them.

But these two are evil. Plain and simple. If any of us had thought up this plot, it's grisly details might have turned most editors off.

Six years from now, she'll have finished high school in prison, because in Canada we pay for things like education, both high school and university for our prisoners. She won't be rehabilitated because no system can possibly reach a girl who can coldly, and callously massacre her entire family.

For her mother who was a naturopathic healer, her father who was a hard worker in an industrial field, and her poor, innocent little brother, I can only hope that somehow they're at rest and at peace.

Evil. Sometimes we don't like to face it.

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Toni Anderson said...

Awful. Truly chilling.