Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Police Capture Wanted Murderer

This week on the Clues-N-News eloop of the Kiss of Death Chapter we've been debating the differences (if any) between a sociopath and a psychopath. The man above is James Imeson, 22 yrs old, who was finally captured today after nearly two weeks on the run. He was heading east to Quebec, when all police forces thought he'd head west because he had family out here.

This man allegedly murdered three people - one in his own apartment, and an elderly married couple in their home, during what was likely a home invasion to find food and money.

So, look into his eyes. What do you see? Evil? Despair? A con man? A ruined man? A man with no conscience?

I see a young man with nothing to lose. He's likely a sociopath due to the fact that he allegedly killed two unarmed retired people by shooting them - something he didn't have to do, but they were in his way. He'll show no remorse for any of the murders, and the murder in his apartment in Windsor was probably personal in nature -a debt, something about his two year old daughter, a rival for his lover...a writer's mind can go on and on with the possibilities.

His was the last face those three people saw. Now, we'll see his face on the news for the next month or so, while he's arraigned, bail is set, his lawyer hired.

We discussed the nature or nurture question, regarding sociopaths. In his eyes, I see the lack of nurturing, the abusive background, the jail time, and solitary living. His one redeeming feature may be that they think he was going back to Windsor to get his little girl.

It was time he was caught - a desperate man with nothing to lose is dangerous, especially when he's already killed three people. Whatever has caused James Imeson to be what he's become, he's going to spend most of his adult life in federal prison.

Such a waste of a life.

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