Wednesday, July 11, 2007


MIRA books has a new debut author - Rachel Vincent. Her book STRAY is out now and she's got plans for a trilogy on this fantastic heroine who's a grad student by day and a werecat whenever the situation calls for it. Her next book is ROGUE, to be followed by PRIDE.

Her world-building is spectacular - I don't think I've ever read an author who can pull you in so quickly to accepting the laws and boundaries of this world she's created. It's nice to see a change from werewolves too, although they have their place for all you paranormal lovers out there! Werecats are sleek, sexy, and heavy on the mystique.

I urge you to run, not walk, to your nearest WalMart, Borders, Barnes & Noble, or get on to get this book before copies are sold out. You won't regret it. I promise.

Click on RACHEL VINCENT to visit her website and learn all about this fascinating new author. She's going to be to the paranormal, what Lisa Gardner is to romantic suspense thrillers. And you heard it here, first!

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Rachel Vincent said...

Thank you! I'm so very glad you liked it. ;-)