Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Falling Behind...

I hurt my back at work today. My helper disappeared on me once again, leaving me to lean over our ergonomically incorrect ledge in the Garden Kiosk, and pulling my lower back muscles. Even after two heavy-duty muscle relaxants and a nap, I feel like I've been sliced in two.

Needless to say, I was mildly ticked. I went to the break room to recuperate and read an interesting article in Cosmo on "work blogging" - venting, educating, providing resources, and NOT mentioning where you work. So, I won't mention that. The fact that I find employees who're lazy and will do anything to get out of what they're supposed to be doing, is irrelevant.

I'm steamed because having done this to my back, I'm further behind on my WIP revisions, not being able to think about anything except the pain I'm in, and how in the world am I going to get through tomorrow's shift? SHE's not worried about it!

Well, I've added a few new links tonight - so there are your "resources" :), and I'm sorry I'm not up to a post that educates or enlightens. I just have a crazy sore back, and nothing done on a night when my DH was out biking, and I put the kids to bed early. Arghhh....

Whoever thinks that mixing "work" with "writing" is easy, hasn't done it. Just like you can't imagine what a migraine feels like if you haven't had one.

So, how do you mix writing time with "work" time? Aside from writing on scraps of paper and hiding them in your smock - I have to warn you, I HATE people who can write chapters in 20 minute chunks. Guess I'm one of those plodders who need about a two hour window to get anything accomplished.

And if you have a remedy for recuperating from a strained back in less than 12 hours, please share!


Kerry Blaisdell said...

Poor you!! I hope your back is better. :?( Don't hate me, but I am one who learned to write in small chunks when I can grab them. I've sloughed off, and it's harder now, but I did both my last two books that way. With small children, 2.5 jobs, being auction co-chair, and having a hubby who *sometimes* wants my attention ;?), I *had* to figure out how to write 20 minutes at a time.

But I'm getting lazy now that I have fewer commitments. I guess it's that old "a project will take up whatever time is alloted to it" syndrome. :?)

Laurie said...

Hey, if you can write two books with little ones, 2.5 jobs, etc., my hat's off to you! :)

I guess it's time I learned the fine art of writing in small chunks, or I'll never get this book re-written and off to some contests & agents!!

First of all, I have to break my DS's attachment to YouTube.... :)

Toni Anderson said...

I'm having a hard time grabbing and working with chunks of time the last couple of weeks. I need to get back into the habit for the summer holidays.

Sorry about your back. Get well soon!