Monday, May 14, 2007

The Day After Mother's Day...

What did you do/get for Mother's Day? This Mother's Day, I was grateful that my mom survived her townhouse burning down Monday the 7th. While it was hard to lose alot of her things and memorabilia, she's still here, not hurt, and that's the most important part. My sisters found her a new temporary lodging in another retirement home, although she's complaining that it's just a bedsitting-room! :)

I bought myself a huge hanging basket of purple petunias. Purple being my favourite colour, and one I'll wear incessantly if I find enough great clothes in it. Anyway, that was my way of celebrating Mother's Day. DH owes me a snazzy lunch on one of my day's off. (Soon!)

I wish I had a progress report on BA, but last week I got nothing done except the bare minimum of housework.

In the News:

1) The horror story of another Canadian tourist being beaten to death outside a bar in Cancun, Mexico. His parents donated all of his organs. This is the third Canadian to be killed in Mexico within the year. It's about time we all stayed north of Texas.

2) The horror story of a B.C. woman being killed by her pet tiger. The stupid animal swatted her leg with it's paw, supposedly through the cage, and ripped open her femoral artery. Her two children had to watch her die, while the oldest one called 911. This woman and her fiance own two tigers, a lion, a baboon, and some other kind of small wildcat. They've been cited by the SPCA five times, the last time in January of this year - all the while, the RCMP and provincial government has done nothing to support the SPCA's claims of "a tragedy waiting to happen". Well, it's happened and a woman is dead. NOW the provincial government it introducing legislation to make owning "exotic" animals a crime.

How a tiger could get it's paw through a cage side and be able to savage her leg is beyond me. And she had her kids in and out of these cages!

3) Stupid media frenzy over Prime Minister Steven Harper's stand on Afghanistan again, and whether or not Canadian soldiers should be handing over Taliban prisoners to the Afghanistan army. Unbelieveable! I suppose according to the Geneva Convention, we're responsible for their safety and well-being...ahem, perhaps we should just be keeping them in our custody then? It only makes sense that if you hand somebody over to another jailer, you can't be responsible for how that person treats the prisoner. And we ARE talking about the Taliban, here. Yes, lets give them back to the Afghanies so they can re-immerse themselves in the culture and plot more terrorist attacks. So far, nobody in the media seems to have picked up on this...or the fact that maybe terrorists shouldn't be living in the lap of luxury. There's cynical little old me talking again! :)

I hope to be able to post some progress on BA soon. Tonight DH has to study for his final French exam, so I'll be offline. If anyone out there has some good suggestions on how to mix "work" with writing, I'm all ears! Aside from getting up at 4 a.m., that is! I couldn't see to make a cup of coffee straight at that hour, never mind finishing a chapter.

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Kerry Blaisdell said...

LOL! I'm a morning person, overall, and I can't stand getting up early to write. I like to take my mornings slow, if possible, and ramp up to the day's work.

As for writing and working and family (oh my! ;?)), it's a challenge. Too many thoughts to post here, but maybe I'll blog about it myself one of these days. :?)