Monday, October 30, 2006


Now I know tomorrow is the big NIGHT for witches and goblins and all things that give fright....sorry, I couldn't resist :)...but after spending two weeks of TV time at night cutting 100 white ghosts out of foam for craft necklaces and a month of planning our local Halloween party for this past weekend, I just had to blog about this cool "holiday".

I found a website that's both fun and laughable at the same time. Try out and you're in for a real treat with a few tricks thrown in. Katrina advertises spells for "Returning Your Lover/Spouse Even if They've Taken Up With Someone Else", "Your SoulMate", "Winning the Lottery", "Custom Spell" - her most expensive one at $99.00 - oh yes, you have to pay for these, but if you buy two spells on the same day she'll throw in a love spell for free! A spell for "Your Job", "Losing Weight", "Falling in Love", and they're all on sale because it's Halloween.

She'll cast your spell within 2-3 days of receiving your payment by VISA, MC, or PayPal, or you can send cheque or Money Order. Most spells will take effect within 60 days, and this is because a spell must enter your spirit and meld within you to begin to work. EXCEPT for the spell which provides instant protection from BAD KHARMA and Negative Energy. Then you get your money's worth right away.

It's a great site for having a laugh and wondering just how much money she makes from this enterprise - enough I guess if she takes VISA, MC, and PayPal. It's sad that so many are vulnerable to believing in this kind of "supernatural" effect on their lives that they'll shell out $39.99 to $99.99 for it - but on the other hand, she does have a disclaimer on her site that it's for entertainment purposes only. At least she's making a clean living and not wallowing around on a bed taking off her clothes for $39.99.

Who knows? Maybe she really can cast a spell removing BAD KHARMA? It could be the plot of a good story - anyone want to give it a try in the comments section? :)

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