Wednesday, November 01, 2006


A few days ago I was moaning about my book BA and deciding to take up my new WIP and get on with something new. Then I got my partial back from an agent. She had agreed to crit it as part of a Retreat. She didn't ask to see more, but she rated all the important stuff (to me, anyway) such as dialogue, pacing, characters, plot ("original") as "strong" and my writing as "vivid, strong - I loved it!". She loved it! And here I was thinking of trashing the whole thing!

There's my heroine up there. My bad guys are going to be beside her too, because I don't think Blogger will put them below my text. Bikers are bad guys, in fiction and in real life. Some time I'll write up some of my biker stories from my cop days. Right now, I have to do the mom thing and go make supper.

But, I'm delirious! She loved it! Even though this is a stressful time for my family - I should be brushing up on my spelling mistakes and sticking my butt in the chair to get this thing overhauled. And then I think I'll send it off to her again and see what she thinks of my reshaped plot. Music to my ears! She loved it. I think I'll tack that critique on the wall for those days when the snow and sleet are closing in. :-) And how was your Halloween?

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