Sunday, November 12, 2006


I wanted to share two pictures from Camp Julien in Kabul, Afghanistan from their Remembrance Day Ceremony held November 11th.

LGeneral Rick Hillier, Commander of the Army was there to lead the ceremony and spoke of the 42 soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan since 2004.

On Saturday, November 11th, during Coaches Corner of the NHL Hockey Game, they played a musical tribute behind the pictures, names, and places of the 41 men and 1 woman who had died in combat. Don Cherry is an outspoken supporter of our Canadian military.

We attended our Remembrance Day ceremony in the local Civic Centre which was standing room only. I was surprised at the number of local people who took their children up and had wreaths to lay at the memorial cenotaph.

I realize this is a writing blog, and I've been absent for 10 days while my dh had my laptop. I just wanted to pause, before I get back to my writing, to remember those 42 courageous Canadians who gave their lives for doing what they believed in. God bless them.


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Our city had three seperate ceremonies as there isn't an indoor space large enough to accomodate everyone. And they played the tribute as well, which was lovely and heartbreaking.

Thanks for remembering, Laurie.