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The following is an online course to be given by a good friend of mine, Margie Lawson. I've already taken it, and it's excellent! You will be so glad you've taken it, as your WIP will jump to life. She uses real book examples, with authors permission, gives homework for your own WIP, and is hands-on. Make November the month to wrap up the final rewrites on your WIP with Margie's course below:


INSTRUCTOR: Margie Lawson, M.S.
November 1-30, 2006
Cutoff date to receive registration and payment: October 30.
Workshop Registration: $25.00 U.S.D.

Empowering Characters' Emotions:

If you want to enhance characters' emotions, learn the nuances of body language and edit for emotion, this is the workshop for you. The following topics will be addressed:

The full range of nonverbal communication: Kinesics, Haptics, Proxemics, Facial expressions, Paralanguage . . .
Proprioceptive stimuli, Involuntary physical responses
Ideomotoric shifts
Mirroring, Communication Accommodation
Levels of intimacy, Love signals
Nonverbal gender differences
Emotional authenticity
In-trancing the Reader
The EDITS System
Basic, complex, empowered, and super empowered passages
Backstory management
Writing fresh . . .
Projecting Emotion for a Non-POV character
Carrying a Nonverbal Image Forward
Objective Constructs

Margie Lawson holds a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology with a two-year concentration beyond her master's degree, specializing in psychiatric counseling and nonverbal communication. Her resume includes college professor, clinical trainer, sex therapist, Director of an Impotence Clinic, hypnotherapist and keynote speaker.

Margie merges her two worlds, psychology and writing, by analyzing writing craft as well as the psyche of the writer. She developed new psychologically-anchored editing systems and techniques which hook the reader viscerally. A frequent speaker at writing conferences, Margie also presents 1) Empowering Characters' Emotions, 2) Deep Editing: Rhetorical Devices, The EDITS System and More, and 3) Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors in high-energy one and two-day workshops to writing organizations nationally.

To register for the November course, go to OR email accepts personal checks or money orders (US FUNDS ONLY!).
Please make checks payable to:
Mary O'Gara -and mail to-
1208 San Pedro NE, #188
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Electronic Payments accepted via Paypal.
After logging on to paypal, Email electronic payments to:

Lectures from Margie's courses are also available as Lecture Packets through PayPal. Check her web site for more information, or, e-mail

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