Thursday, September 14, 2006


I can't help but brag here - Canadian talent has taken over Rockstar's reality show two years in a row now!! It seems that Canadian music talent (Nickelback, Avril Lavigne, Celine Dion - well, ok, you can have *her*!) is one of our greatest exports. First, J.D. last year won with INXS and has done a fantastic round the world trip.

This summer, it's been all about Lukas, our "little punk" from Toronto, Ontario. I used to live an hour north of Toronto until March of this year, and I couldn't be prouder of this little guy who up until last night, was a waiter at Hooter's and rocked in bars in the rattier areas of Toronto. He admitted on the show that one of his "originals" was written for his mom - "Headspin", and he played it once with the house band and once again unplugged. If he keeps writing songs like that, he'll be the one taking Supernova to the top, not Tommy Lee's drums.

He also chose to sing Coldplay's "Fix You", for his broken relationship with his dad. He said he hoped that if his dad was anywhere, watching the show he'd realize that he wanted to fix his relationship with him. Lukas belted out a fabulous rendition of "Fix You", and if you'd caught that prior quote from him, it made it all the more haunting.

Here's to you, Lukas Rossi - for proving that even the little guy from "the Great North's New York" as the Rolling Stone's like to call Toronto, can pull it off for us, two years in a row. :)


Toni Anderson said...

Congratulations to Lukas :)

Bailey Stewart said...

Don't watch - but congratulations anyway - it's wonderful when a person can attain their dreams.