Wednesday, September 13, 2006

CALLING ALL WRITERS: "The Arms That Hold Us Up"

I'm writing an article called 'The Arms That Hold Us Up' for the March 2007 issue of Romance Writers Report. This is the monthly magazine put out to members of ROMANCE WRITERS OF AMERICA. The article is about an aspect of writer's lives that isn't often talked about - managing to keep on writing when your spouse/significant other/or family members don't support your writing or writing career. This may be because of your current family situation: young children, finances, unemployment, a jealous spouse, aging parents who need you, or a spouse or family who think that you've "tried so long, why don't you just give up?" It can be many, many reasons. This can often apply to published writers as well as unpublished writers.

If you are interested in answering my short questionnaire about this subject, please contact me at I'd like to get any anecdotes you may have, your strategies for coping, how you've negotiated writing time with your spouse/family. How have you kept on writing in spite of any adverse areas in your life? What does writing mean to you when you have negative people in your life? You can remain anonymous, or sign a consent to be named with your quotes.

Thank you for your interest in this questionnaire!"

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