Saturday, September 02, 2006


Argh! In the intense stress of getting two kids back to school, and having my dh undergo more test flights....I MISSED sending in my registration for the Labour Day Weekend's 3-DAY NOVEL CONTEST!!!! I truly meant to send in the $50 registration fee and try my hand at pouring out the first draft for COLD JUSTICE over these three days. Outline notes are allowed in the rules, and as I have those, I figured I was all set. :-( Observe my unhappy face.

However, my soul-mate was unhappy enough that I spent 3.5 hrs in my dusty basement office pounding away on the keyboard, and missed the fact that it was 7 p.m. AND, hadn't started supper yet, thereby putting back the time for hairwashing and showers for above two kids. Which meant that we couldn't watch our movie of the weekend. So unhappy, that after he bar bq-ed the burgers, we yelled back and forth, as husbands and wives are wont to do, he couldn't eat supper. (I'm a mean witch when I point out that my writing time is just as important as reading in the backyard, and we both wear watches). Sigh, guess I never would've made it through three days of uninterrupted writing time to make it to the end of a novel anyway. What a waste of $50 that would've been.

At least the kids got showered and had their hair washed. I mean, being a wife and mom means you have to keep your priorities straight. It's not like being a dad. (sarcasm alert) Maybe next Labour Day Weekend - or maybe some other weekend I can just do it myself for the fun of it.

Are there any more inflated egos on the planet than writers and pilots? I think not. :-( Observe my unhappy face.

45/85,000 pages of rewritten (completely) work on BLACK ANGEL

P.S. I now have two wonderful critique partners. The excitement is back and having a deadline is making everything easier. I'm also taking Margie Lawson's "Deep EDITING" course this month. If you're interested in some really intensive online workshops, check out .

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Toni Anderson said...

Laurie it sounds like you are getting stuck in!! Good luck!