Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Long Day

Talk about an unproductive day! I'm planning on making tomorrow a "sit-down-butt-on-chair" day, except for lunch for one hour with a friend - she conveniently has a job interview which will put a nice bookend to our gabfest at lunch.

This is my victim pic - yes, you can all guess who he is easily enough, but I wasn't going to waste any time googling "North American Indian" pics for days! :) There's actually more than one victim in the book, but it'll have to get published before you can find out who the second one is and what the story is with that person. This guy is my "Cold Case" victim, and for now, my WIP is just going to be called "Cold Case" as I can't stand not having any kind of title. As I get into fleshing out the outline I'm sure something a bit more intriguing will come to me as a working title.

I've never tried a book with two villains and two victims before, but they'll hopefully intersect nicely. If I fail, well, I can't say I didn't try!

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Bailey Stewart said...

I've got one with victims and still haven't managed to figure out the "why" for victim number one.