Thursday, June 15, 2006


I realize I've been gone awhile and I hope you check out my new Links. I've only got till Aug. 1st to finish this partial (still unnamed! - I should have a contest out of my few blog readers...ha!) to get it off to our NY agent who's coming to our Victoria B.C. "Love and Death North of The Border" Retreat, on September 29, 30, and Oct. 1st. Patti Steele-Perkins has agreed to read and comment on all partials submitted to her (in her hands), and returned to the Committee for the Retreat. IF you're a member of RWA, you can click on my link to KOD and find out all about it on their 2006 Retreat page. The attendee list is restricted to 50 people, so you want to get cracking if you want to go. And, you can only get your partial read if you're going!

Here is my villian in the story, see if you figure out which actor he interesting clue I found out when I researched him: he only has a Grade 9 education! And he's been robbed of an Oscar more than once.

OKAY.....I have to figure out why Photoblogger doesn't put the photos in the place you want them to! Argh! Anyway, you can see the picture and still put a guess in the comments section.

On Thursdays, I'm going to try and give you bloggers an interesting summer recipe to try for some relaxation after a hard few hours slogging away writing in the heat, or with children begging for treats at your ankles, etc. They will all be Canadian recipes taken from either Canadian magazines or our national newspaper the Globe and Mail, but they should use easy to get ingredients for everyone. This particular recipe is a pretty drink for a backyard barbq, and with the weekend coming up, I thought it definitely applied. If you can't get Lipton's Green Tea in the States, then I recommend making Green Tea the same way you make real tea, with ice, and using the other ingredients. This recipe is for one drink - if you want a whole pitcher, well, :) you do the math!

Aqua Tea-Ni

1/3 cup bottled or canned lemon iced tea (75 ml)

2 tbsp vodka (30 ml)

2 tbsp blue curacao liqueur (30 ml)

1 tbsp fresh lime juice (15 ml)

Combine all the ingredients in a martini shaker filled with ice. Shake well and then strain into a well-chilled glace. Garnish, if desired, with lime wedges. Serves one. (like I said, do the math for a whole pitcher)

I only wish I could upload a picture to show you how pretty this looks in tall glasses, garnished with lime wedges. Something for the ladies while the men cook their steaks for Father's Day!

Back to my Links at the right. I've changed "Romance Writing Mom" to "Toni Anderson" because she's branding herself right now and has changed the name of her blog. Head on over there to see what she's up to. Also, Jason Pinter, is a novelist/editor, and has a great blog piece on attracting an agent and what to do and not do. Check him out as well. Great blog. Kelsy George doesn't have a blog anymore, but has a fantastic website and is an up and coming author to watch. She has contests, a newsletter, and articles. Hope you enjoy the New Stuff!

So, anyone guessed who my unnamed villian/actor is so far, in this multi-layered cold case novel?

Please leave a comment. ;)


Kelsy George said...

Neil McDonnaugh?

Bailey Stewart said...

It looks like Joaqin Phoenix (I know I'm spelling that first name wrong)

Toni Anderson said...

Well for some reason Sean Connery popped into my head--not from the photo but the other stuff. LOL. My brain isn't working well!! Welcome to the Prairies with the basement leak!!

You're right about moms having a hard time. Even the ones who aren't single, sometimes people cope under huge pressure. Kudos to you Laurie!!!