Thursday, June 15, 2006


Our Snowbirds aerial demonstration team is being celebrated in Ottawa today and doing two special shows - ultimately flying over the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill. I saw their Inaugural Show here in Moose Jaw before they left on their US/Canada tour for the season, and it's definitely their best one yet. If you hear about them coming to your area, you've got to go see them. They're fantastic and it's an experience your kids will never forget. My dh doesn't want anything military on my blog, but I'm so proud of living in the Snowbirds backyard, and about what they do as Ambassadors for Canada all over North America, that I had to show you some pictures and mention that they were especially being celebrated today. And, it's not my dh's blog, is it? :)

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Kelsy George said...

The Snowbirds to me represent power. Well, maybe noise should come first, but the power of those aircraft roaring over is something I won't quick forget. Laurie might live in their backyard, but for 20 straight days this spring, we had them in ours. Literally. The RV park where we live is right off the end (well 5 miles away) from the end fence of the Comox Air Force Base and that's where the Snowbirds held their two-a-day spring training sessions. Glorious! Fabulous! Overpowering! Awesome! I could go on forever, but you get the idea. What a way to spend spring!