Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Reading Angela Elwell Hunt...

***NB I'm borrowing this image from Angela Hunt's website***

"THE IMMORTAL" is the first book of Angela Hunt's that I've ever picked up, I'm ashamed to say, yet I recognized many books on her website (see link to the right) that I've seen in the library and here and there.

"THE IMMORTAL is about a man who's lived on for 2,000 years from the time of Christ. He's here on earth to find the Anti-Christ (from what I've read so far), and is Italian and living in Rome. He gets caught up with the heroine - a jury consultant who's hired by GLOBAL UNION, which is the "peace-making" organization run by the man he suspects is the Anti-Christ.

Anyone who likes time-travel books, or "end of times" prophecy, will love this book. I'm impressed with how well Hunt carries out the heroine's life in first person, and the IMMORTAL's life in third person. Her descriptive ability is amazing - not the hint of a cliche anywhere. Her heroine is an expert on body language and reading people - she's called "the Seer" in the book - and you can learn much from reading this book on that subject alone. I know I have!

Angela's had a long career, but she's hit a high note with this book. Not too many "inspirationals" include "paranormal" elements, and she's never preachy. (I hate preachy!) I highly recommend "THE IMMORTAL", on it's own merits, and as an introduction to Angela Hunt's writing. She's stretched the boundaries, and that's what I like...what I'm trying to do with my own writing. It's wonderful to have such a good example to follow! :)

P.S. It's also been optioned by Columbia films. Good luck, Angela! It will make a fabulous movie!

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