Monday, April 02, 2007

Nelly Takes Over the Junos!

As Nelly is my prototype for my current heroine, I thought I'd throw up another great picture of her. She swept the Junos last night in all five categories she was nominated in. I think she certainly deserved it, considering her fabulous video work and the quality of her album "Loose".

Although, hearing my young DD singing the words to "Promiscuous" is a little off-putting, even when I like to see if I can remember all the parts and sing it myself!

Way to go, Saskatoon! The Prairies did themselves proud and produced a quality show for Canadian talent.

The only shame was Nickelback wasn't nominated this year, and some unknown young girl won "Best New Artist" over Melissa O'Neil and Eva Aguilera. Eva is an extremely talented singer and won Canadian Idol last year. Her voice is amazing - especially for a 17 year old. How such a "dark horse" won is a mystery. But, such is the way of all Awards Shows. We wouldn't watch them if there wasn't some element of surprise in the winners.


Toni Anderson said...

Did Nickelback have a new albumn this year or was it the year before? Nelly is fab :)

Laurie said...

Yes, Nickelback put out "All The Right Reasons" this year and several hits from it. Of course, the names escape me now, :), but they had two videos out on them - a fireman leaving his girl for a fire, money signs appearing above people's heads & the idea was we only have enough money/love to spend before we die, and their best one was "What If We All Loved" which showed footage of the start of LIVEAid, a mom who organized a 35,000 person march in Ireland and won the Nobel Peace Prize, etc. With 3 big hits out I was surprised they were bypassed this year. Guess the judges figured they'd won enough Junos in previous years!