Monday, December 11, 2006

Thriller Writer

I've discovered a new thriller writer - TED DEKKER - and he's the kind of writer that is so GREAT you want to get to his entire backlist and read everything the guy has ever written. I just finished THR3E which has just been made into a movie and is coming out in January. I won't give you any spoilers! The problem with the book is that once you've read it, you can't see the movie, although I suppose it would be interesting to see how they manage to pull it off.

DEKKER was raised in Indonesia and now resides in the States. He can be found at TED DEKKER He has a Blog on site, and videos to go with his books, although I found the quality of them was sporadic. He deals with the themes of extreme good and evil. I'm reading his SAINT right how, which deals with kidnapping, brainwashing, and assassins.

Take a look at his site. I highly recommend it. Think I'll link up to him as well. Not everyone gets a movie made from their book and I think that's worth supporting.

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Toni Anderson said...

He looks great. I must check him out.