Monday, May 26, 2008


I know AMERICAN IDOL is the reality show of choice for many writers/editors/agents, and I've seen ongoing blog posts about it. :)

However, my dh and I have been watching SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE since it's premiere four years ago, and for a man who doesn't watch much dancing or skating, believe me this is a BIG deal! My macho man loves the various dance styles, the competition, cheering on our favourites, and the continuity. (the only problem is if you live in Canada, you can't vote!)

Some of the judges leave something to be desired - ballroom judge Mary Murphy with her constant screaming comes to mind. However, the fact that each pair has only five hours with their choreographer to learn the dance of the week (which they pick from a hat so they never get the same dance in a row)and they produce such polished results is simply amazing.

From watching the audition show last week, the level of dancers is much higher this year. They show plenty of bloopers and stupid people who've obviously never seen the show, or only want their one minute on TV. That's the same as AMERICAN IDOL, CANADIAN IDOL, and LAST COMIC STANDING. (another show that's just started and we love to watch)

If you want to see some terrific ballroom, jazz, hiphop, "crumping", contemporary, or "Broadway" dancing this summer, you must tune in to FOX on Monday nights. I guarantee you'll quickly become as addicted to this show as you are to AMERICAN IDOL.

I only wish my template allowed for full viewing of the element on the right. However, I plan on posting each Tuesday about what's happened on the show and who the best and worst competitors are - it's a great adventure to watch these kids vie to become "America's Most Popular Dancer". They may only get $250,000.00 to win, but that win also guarantees them being picked up by a dance group, show, or training to become a better dancer or choreographer. It's "made" the careers of the past three winners, and I can't wait to see what this season will bring.

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