Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Prison Break premiered last night - did you catch it? Another heart-pounding episode guaranteed to suck you back in to the story. The writing on this show is tight, the dialogue smooth and exactly the way editors tell us to "do it", and I love the characters and their conflicts.

Last night's highlight for me was the FBI agent intervening in Michael's fight and killing the henchman. Maybe that sounds bloodthirsty on my part, lol, but the set-up to his saving Michael was solid and made me think about some of my foreshadowing and character actions. Watching a show like this can teach you alot about writing. JMHO.

And if fall and winter have to come upon us all, at least fall brings all the great shows back to help us get through another long, dark, winter.

What's your favourite TV show in the current line-up?


Toni Anderson said...

I've always wanted to watch this!!

Kerry Blaisdell said...

For me, the writing on a show really *is* what makes it or breaks it. Right now, I'm heavy into The Sopranos (am watching on A&E, but still). I also love Boston Legal -- basically, any show where the writing is sharp and right on target, and the cast is engaging and manages to keep up. Like editors reading the slush pile, if a show doesn't grab me in the first 5-10 minutes, I'm not likely to come back, or even finish the first episode! :?)