Friday, June 29, 2007

Missing in Action...

I spent last week trying to finish up work, and do Kiss of Death's BIAW at the same time. I actually managed to write 23 pages in one day! A personal best. "Outside of the house work" is now officially done, and I can get back to communing with my Muse.

I've got all my new characters sketched out, my synopsis done (Thanks to Lethaladies at KOD), and am finally writing the new subplots and putting all the pieces together. Although I'm an outliner, I find I still discover great ideas as I go along.

This time, I don't have time to make a collage, or do the usual binder-thingy I usually do. I'm hard at it and just want to get the thing ready for submission.

How about you? Are you close to submitting something, have submitted something, or are you planning to take the summer off?

(Btw, the picture above was taken by my dh and shows the rippling highway going off to the horizon of Saskatchewan. We *do* have a few hills and valleys!)


Kerry Blaisdell said...

Love the photo -- beautiful! I'm hard at work on my latest. MUST finish it, as it's now an official contest finalist. Not that I'm guaranteed a win or a request or anything (LOL), but I am making the announcement date my deadline, just to have one. OTOH, the lazy days of summer appear to be jam-packed with family/kid stuff, and I am not writing as productively as I'd like, so wish me luck! *:?)

Toni Anderson said...

Lovely hills! I'm taking tomorrow off :) Then the rest of this week is going to be concentrating on craft.

Congrats on the BIAW!!