Monday, June 11, 2007

Ah, Those Royals! And What They Mean to We Canadians...

Prince Harry was caught in a wild bar in Calgary this past weekend, while on leave from Canadian Forces Base Suffield, where he's taking deployment training prior to leaving for Afghanistan. Our Harry actually paid attention to a waitress with the underwhelming achievement of a) having breast implants, and b) having won a title for Miss Barmaid, or something or other. Imagine! He kissed her cheek and the Calgary Sun had a hay day with it.

I love the Royal Family. I particularly loved Princess Diana, and the present day Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. (Who will unfortunately have to wait for the Queen to die before she's allowed to marry her beloved Prince Andrew again.)

I'm sure you're all aware that this August 31st is the 10th Anniversary of Princess Diana's death. For her July birthday, Princes William and Harry have engineered a huge concert in her memory, complete with Duran Duran and Sir Elton John. The proceeds will go to the Princess's favourite charities.

But back to her earthy son, Prince Harry. You've got to love a Royal who actually joins the military and is willing to take on active duty in Afghanistan. (His uncle, Prince Andrew did military duty as a helicopter pilot during the Falklands war as well) Have we seen any of President Bush's progeny signing up for Iraq? Any of Prime Minister Tony Blair's kids over in Iraq, or going to Afghanistan with Prince Harry?

Your Royal Highness, you may get down and dirty with our local barmaids before you ship off to war. For your sincere efforts as a "working Royal", I salute you! Thank goodness our Royal Family is now firmly in the 21st century, and you're continuing your mother's legacy - mixing with the common folk and actually enjoying them. Good on you! And for those small minded, petty pundits who want to make fun of you for having a party before you ship out - you could all take a page from his book and put in a little effort for your country. Nuff said.

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