Sunday, May 28, 2006

Writing Challenge

Here's an annual writing challenge that's even tougher than those who write an entire novel through the month of November. How about writing a novel in 3 Days???

You can do it at home over the Labour Day Weekend, or you can send in a writing sample to the folks in Vancouver, Canada who run this contest - it's open to writers all over North America, the UK, etc. - and see if you'll be chosen to be one of the lucky 12 to be picked to write your novel on their 3DAY Reality TV version on Labour Day Weekend! :) National TV will watch you sweat, drink gallons of coffee, cry, sleep and drool on your computer, start talking to your characters, and generally have a great time, in Edmonton, Alberta.

I'd watch it, but I think I'll try and be on of the ones doing it at home. You can send in your finished product and it'll be judged against those of the 12 on the Reality TV Show. The prize is publication....

Find out all the delicious details at . Are you ready to try something really crazy? Finish off your summer in style? I dare you! :)


Bailey Stewart said...

You're a better man than I Ghunga Din. There was a time when I could have taken up that challenge - but now I'm just too exhausted to think most of the time. I'm lucky if I get three writing days a week, let alone clumped together. But you have fun.

While I'm here - you just might want to skedaddle over to my blog. Beginners luck.

Toni Anderson said...

Great posts Laurie. I must put you in the links!! I will I promise.

A book in 3 days? You know I would almost welcome the chance!!!! I wonder how many people entering have kids or parents to look after?

Bailey Stewart said...

Or kids and parents ... I really feel sorry for that combination.

Na nanny boo boo - I already put her in my links this morning Toni - you slowpoke. *gg*