Monday, May 29, 2006

My Untitled WIP

I've shelved Dragonfly, which I mentioned in my first post, and am now in the first stages of doing Karen Weisner's 30 Day's to Plot Your Novel. It's the first time a title hasn't popped into my head, but I did find great pics of my hero and heroine, and tomorrow will go hunting for my villian. It's a "cold case" story. With a heroine with a lot of baggage (what other kind is there? heheheheheh) Here are my pics, with two of the heroine to show her in her two "lives". I think I'll also try out Jenny Crusie's idea of making a collage for this one; it'll be easy because it's a police story so there'll be lots of things to twig my mind.

I usually use a three ring binder with section pages and my first draft is in there. Once it's all filled up with character sketches, setting notes, maps, scene notes, astrology charts, research, etc., the outline (yes, I outline!), I get started.

Isn't my hero yummy? And not well known, so I can think of him generically without trying to get Charlie Sheen (the other candidate) out of my head while I'm writing. Kate Beckinsale is my mental alter-ego, lol, so she fits the bill for my heroine. In the book, she'll be a Me'tis cop turned PI and it's set in Canada in the West. There are alot of Me'tis out here so I want it to be authentic. Picture my hero on a Harley, and that's the start of my book. Now, to get a good start on it before the end of school! Off to Regina for some reality research.


Toni Anderson said...

Very nice. I love Kate B. Lots of Me'tis here too--well you'd know. And you have all that cop advantage!! Cool!!

Bailey Stewart said...

What's a Me'tis cop?

I do the collage thing - long before hearing about Jennifer Crusie's. I also take a small cardboard insert (like you find inside shirts)and make a smaller one with just the character's pictures to sit on my desk (or carry with me if I need to write elsewhere).

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