Saturday, July 26, 2008


I'm six weeks past my shoulder replacement, and can now type for short periods of time. My physiotherapist is thrilled with my progress in my mobility, although I still can't reach straight out to the front of me. If I don't hold my right arm up with my left hand, it just falls to my side. This is my worry - that I won't be able to strengthen those muscles the surgeon had to cut and reattach, and therefore won't be able to drive. However, we don't know that yet, so here's to the daily exercises!

I'm excited because the countdown to my critique partner's visit is only four days now. :) Robin Matheson still lives in my hometown of Barrie, Ontario. Since I moved away three years ago, we've never failed to email each other every day. She's going to be here for an entire week of brainstorming, plot outlining, and visiting. As we're both compulsive workaholics (and won't have a car, lol!) I'm looking forward to getting a book outlined for each of us.

I'm also excited because I have a new online critique partner, Nannette Chapman. So far, we're burning up the internet getting her edits ready for her requested resubmission to SAPPHIRE BLUE PUBLISHING. Although I can't write/type for very long at this point, I'm thrilled to be helping a fellow Kiss of Death writer prepare for her new career with this new epublisher.

My recovery is going much better than my first shoulder surgery. I'm enjoying the summer months off work, reading out in the backyard, and spending time with my kids and golden retriever. Things are looking up, and I'm thankful for the friends and family who've seen me/us through this long rehabilitation.

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