Friday, June 13, 2008


My blog will be silent for the next 2-3 weeks at least. On Monday June 16th, I'm going in to have a total shoulder replacement. This plate and bolts idea just hasnt healed and has given me a lot of health complications.

As I'll be in a sling for approx. 6 weeks, I won't likely be typing too fast with just my left hand. :) I will however, be checking in on my blog links, as I can still point and click. I hope you will check on my links, as well, as they're all great sources of information, frequently have contests, and are worthy writing artists.

I hope you all have a wonderful month, and great progress with your WIPs.


The Xcribbler said...

Lyn says hi! and wishing you all the best for a perfect healing. May the Lord be with you.

Toni Anderson said...

I'm hoping the x-ray looks good! let me know. I hope to visit if I can.