Friday, February 15, 2008

The Look of Love....

This certainly beats the "key" parties of the 1960's, where the man would put his car keys in a bowl provided by the hostess, and the wives would pull out a key chain she knew didn't belong to her husband. The newly paired duo was then expected to enjoy "open sex" to "free" their marriages from boredom, rigidity, and endow them with new experiences.

I think there's something to this eye-gazing idea. Eye-gazing is one of human's most intimate behaviours. It ranks after: a) a quick peek at the other sexual party, b) flipping hair or the man raking his hair back denotes some interest in the person looking at you, c) coming in to the other person's body space, and THEN d), gazing deeply in to their eyes. In a regular bar setting: a), b), and c) allow either party to break off the contact - no harm, no foul. But at these eye-gazing parties, you're allowing a stranger to have access to your full face, and therefore vulnerability, right at the beginning.

A recent Canadian Press survey says that 55% of Canadians believe in "love at first sight". Of course, it may be that men are more prone to "lust at first sight", but still, that's a pretty high figure to be relying on looking at someone and "knowing" that you're in love with them.

Trust San Francisco to come up with such a cool idea for singles! I wonder how long it'll take to cross to the east side of the continent so we can all enjoy gazing into a stranger's eyes - and hoping they're not the eyes of a con artist or worse!
(yes, I always take the worst possible twist on something, I know!)

Try gazing into your spouse or significant other's eyes for as long as possible, and see what happens. Go on, I dare you! Let us know what happens (following Blogger's terms of propriety, of course!)

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