Wednesday, August 15, 2007


1) You decide you'll never be a size 10 or 12 again (never mind a "medium"), so you clean out your closet ruthlessly. You end up with two garbage bags for Sally Ann.

2) You have renewed angst over the fact that out of you and your two sisters, you received the ugliest silver ware and silver tea set to be had in the family.

3) You discover bags and bags of school memorabilia for both kids - dating back to 1998. Oh yeah, you planned on sorting all that out when you moved here a year and a half ago - stuff everything back in the bags!

4) Your dh refuses to give up his MBA textbooks, which are taking up a whole shelf of your "writing" bookcase. This means you'll finally have to pick up the piles of writing books on the floor of your office and stick them ????

5) You find a whole file of notes for your fourth novel, which you thought was "lost". Great rejoicing ensues!

6) Your movers inform you that contrary to your LAST move, you now have to take apart your entire patio set (make sure you keep your bolts yourself), and ALL your Canadian Tire metal shelving in the basement.

7) Your movers inform you that now they no longer transport photo albums, scrapbooks, or photos of any kind, in case they lose them. Piles of these will have to go in your own vehicles - since when are movers supposed to "lose" anything???

8) You have to count every DVD, video, CD, and Playstation game in the house and list them on a new form: the "highly valuable" form. When you're done that, you can list all your signed, limited edition prints, and collector books too.

9) Your mother chooses this time to have a major "crisis" - and you're 3000 miles away so it stands to reason you're the one who has to talk her through it.

10) You discover your file of contest certificates. You realize that in spite of it all, you'll still be a writer no matter where you live - it's all just a matter of getting from Point A to Point B. :)

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Toni Anderson said...

I don't envy you--but at least you found those notes :)