Tuesday, August 01, 2006


1. Do you attend a writer's conference to:
a) learn writing craft?
b) network
c) just pitch to an editor/agent?
d) use it as a tax write-off
e) meet all your cyber friends in person?

2) Do you attend a writer's conference within:
a) 50 miles of your home
b) 100-150 miles of your home
c) 200-300 miles of your home
d) only in your own State or Province
e) you'd fly anywhere to get to your favourite Conference

3) Do you believe that writers conferences are essential to keep your writers "tool kit" sharp - one can always learn something, even from other professionals?

4) Do you believe that writers conferences are just for smoozing, drinking, and a cherry at
end of a great publishing year?

5) Is it one of your ambitions to get on an author panel or do a workshop at a conference?

6) Is it part of your marketing plan to do a booksigning at a major conference this year?

7) Is it part of your "writing plan" to pitch to the editor/agent of your choice this year? Have you done so?

8) Do you go to at least ONE conference a year - or do you wait until a conference like RWA Nationals or Bouchercon comes close to where you live and go when it's least expensive?

9) If you could pick only ONE conference to go to - which would it be, and why?

10) Which was the most profitable conference you've been to and why?

Thanks for your input!

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Sandra Ruttan said...

1 b, e
2 e
3 yes
4 no, although they can be that too
5 yes
6 well, I will be when my book comes out next year
7 no, although I need to think about it
8 one per year, minimum
9 depends on the year - this year, Harrogate. Next year, erg - Thrillerfest and Bouchercon because of commitments.
10 Harrogate, because of the connections I made and the fun I had.