Friday, July 14, 2006


We all have a hard time (at least I do) keeping at our writing when the kids are out of school, there're visitors who need attention, the husband has to work regardless of how many other people drop in, etc. Here are some suggestions I've come up with that might help you stay on course with your writing (even a page a day, Bailey!):

1) Keep a large pitcher of California Iced Tea laced with vodka in the fridge at all times. Mix up a new pitcher every night before bed. (Ok, kidding about the vodka - but one can dream!)
2) Do laundry at 10 p.m. at night - it's cooler then - and let the kiddo's take their clean clothes out of the baskets. Who needs to put clothes away? Waste of time! If they need to be put away, kiddo's or dad can do it. :)
3) Do groceries maximum of once a week. Buy for two weeks IF you can get away with it, and DH doesn't faint at the sight of the bill. By this I mean; buy more more food than you need, and you'll make less trips to the store, meaning more time in chair in front of computer.
4) Keep staples on hand such as: LARGE jars of peanut butter and jam, cold meats and cheese, 12 packs of buns, frozen juices, popsicles, at least 3 kinds of pop, pickles, bags of chips, pretzels, cheesies, frozen hamburgers, frozen pizzas, and pre-packaged salads that come with their own salad dressings. Also, pre-prepped stir fry veggies. Slice up 3 chicken breasts and you're done.
5) Hire a teen-age boy to cut your grass. No more nagging DH and you don't have to do it Saturdays when you should be fighting with DS about getting off your computer. :)
6) Back to iced tea laced with vodka :) - it goes well with blueberry pie (or flavour of your choice) so make sure you keep pie or good snacking material on hand for when you're flagging in the afternoon and that scene just won't come out right.
7) Encourage your visitors to nap after lunch when you get just the right inspiration for that love scene in the cemetary, when your H/H finally realize they just *have* to have each other!
8) Take a pad of paper with you to write notes while squiring visitors around town on sight-seeing tours - ok, your butt isn't in the chair right now, but it will be when you get home. :)
9) Get up at 5 a.m. when the sun is climbing over the horizon and you can bang out at least 2 pages before DH goes to work and DS starts bugging you to play Spiderman on computer.
10) If all inspiration fails, go cyberblogging until it's time to replace that great iced tea. Your friends are all creative and are bound to spark something off in your head. Or the iced tea will.
11)Watch reruns of "Comedy Now!" or "Just For Laughs!" to get the right side of your brain working. Tell yourself it's research.
12)Read another Linda Howard book and tell yourself THAT's for research!

I can't believe I still don't have a title for this WIP. Can anybody tell me how titles come to them? I've never had this problem before - this is my fourth novel. And it's not that I'm not enjoying it either.

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